Our vision, mission, and values

Our vision

BGHEI enhances the quality and purpose of global health education programs in medical schools worldwide.

Our mission

BGHEI represents a diverse group of medical educators who work in small groups to study important issues in global health education, disseminate this information widely in order to influence best practices, and monitor implementation and assessment of GH curricula.

Our values

Diversity:  BGHEI seeks an equal representation of members from high, middle and low income countries worldwide.  We also value traditional aspects of diversity (such as age, gender and ethnicity) as well as the perspective students bring to our work.

Expertise in Global Health Education:  BGHEI members include experts in global health education theory as well as practice.

Innovation:  Use of technology to manage meetings of the subgroups and in the development and implementation of educational materials.

Collaboration:  BGHEI members collaborate within the small groups, with the larger BGHEI community, as well as with other groups working on similar issues.

Our governance

We believe that at this stage of development, the organization should remain relatively “flat” with an Executive Committee/PIs that would take responsibility for tasks including communications and in-person meetings of the large group, assisting the small groups, membership in BGHEI, and concerns about authorship.  Each small group will have leaders who will be responsible for managing meetings of the small group, determining collaborations and recommending new members.